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Business psychologist specialist in the integrated development of Human Resources: a systemic approach that connects and harmonizes the macro-areas of Recruitment and Selection, Training and Organizational Development (including coaching, head hunting, job safety, communication, psychometric and the psychological-behavioral part marketing, sales and purchases) to achieve and increase in the performance of human capital, organizations and sales.

Nowadays, I work as an independent HR consultant, supporting NG Group Universal (multinational company based in Italy, leader in beauty, luxury and hairstyle) and as a freelance throughout Central and Northern Italy and abroad, in collaboration with non-competitive consultancy firms characterized by a high positioning in the Italian market in their respective fields, as well as a lecturer and trainer at SIDA Group post-graduate Master’s degrees.

I am successfully supporting SMEs and large companies operating in several sectors (eg. engineering, hi-tech, fashion, luxury, oil & gas, food). I worked for Avas Media, Shluter Systems, Great Wall Motors China (Automotive); Hera Comm and Acantho (oil & gas, ICT/TLC), Grantour & Rainbox (luxury furniture); Skidata (hi-tech access technologies); ThyssenKrupp Encasa etc.

Previously, I worked as a HR business partner in the commercial, banking, tourism and hospitality sectors, collaborating with scientific research projects on employment and lean production (Toyota method) and working as a CTU/CTP (technical consultant for Italian courts and tribunals) in occasion of civil trials concerning work issues and job safety.

I also develop various independent projects including:

  • The diffusion of Curriculum Vincente (Winning CV), the professional CV writing system and how to use it, that is helping more and more people to change and find their ideal job;
  • The localization and diffusion in Italy of Lumina Learning, the latest generation of high-precision suite of personality tests and psychometric tools, developed in UK and specifically designed for companies and for the development of human capital;
  • The ethical development of the 4.0 industry in Italy and the protection of job places while facing the incoming change in cooperation with Italian trade / labour unions.
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